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Item # 345ISG

For cleaning, rinsing, and drying of rigid/flexible scopes and cannulated instruments.

InstruGun™ is ideal for cleaning, rinsing, and drying channels of rigid/Flexible Scopes and cannulated instruments as well as a variety of other instruments including pipettes, syringes, catheters, curvettes, laboratory glassware, etc. With its unique dual purpose function, InstruGun™ allows you to use water or pressurized air for quick and efficient cleaning. InstruGun™ comes with a wide array of specialty attachments that will aid in all applications and are easy to connect to the tip of the spray gun. The specialty tips, once fastened, will not disconnect during high pressure cleaning. InstruGun™ is perfect for use in Operating Rooms, Endoscopy Suites, Outpatient Surgery and other departments to help speed up turn-around time.

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Ruhof's InstruGun™ features a new type of internal flow control mechanism that allows you to adjust the water or air flow across the entire range of the trigger movement, setting the screw located behind the trigger allows you to safely control maximum pressure intensity.8 cleaning attachments are included and offer a wide variety and flexibility to insure proper cleaning of specialized surgical instruments.

  • For water or pressurized air
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easily adjustable pressure flow
  • Ergonomic pistol grip control

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