PrepValet™ Foamer


Item No. 345PVF

Easy and Efficient Way to Pre-Treat Your Instruments Utilizing Prepzyme® Enzymatic Foam Concentrate

The Ruhof PrepValet™ Foamer quickly and easily applies foaming Prepzyme® over your instrument sets and into cannulas prior to manual cleaning to prevent the adhesion of bio-burden. This automatic delivery system eliminates hard to use trigger sprayers and produces enough foam to cover an entire tray of instruments in just seconds!


  • Quick, simple and complete instrument coverage
  • Applies Prepzyme® Foam which keeps instruments moist, helping to prevent the adhesion of bio-burden
  • Durable, lightweight foam applicator wand for trays
  • Additional foaming wand exclusively used for cannulated instruments
  • Optional attachments available for difficult to clean instruments, such as suction tips, rongeurs, and DaVinci Endowrist
  • Eliminates manual pumping with trigger sprayers
  • Can be wall mounted or placed on the counter

Works with: PREPZYME® Multi-tiered Enzymatic Pre-Cleaner

Item No. 34559

Multi-tiered enzymatic foam concentrate starts cleaning instantly and prevents the adhesion of bio-burden, lowering repair/replacement costs, speeding up turn- around time, and reducing the risk of HAIs.

Please refer to PrepValet™ FOAMER User Manual for Operating Instructions