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Item No. 345TP  - 8.75mm-14mm

Item No. 345TPS - 2.5mm to 8.75mm

Endoscopic Distal Tip Protector

The ScopeValet™ TipGuard is an endoscopic tip protector which provides a simple, safe, and highly effective method of protecting the delicate optics of an endoscope, while allowing the tip to aerate, decreasing the likelihood of microbiological growth.


  • Effectively protects the entire distal end of the endoscope.
  • Open design allows the scope to aerate during storage and transport; Does not retain any moisture decreasing the likelihood of microbiological growth
  • Fits onto a wide variety of lower GI scopes of multiple diameters (2.5mm to 14mm)
  • Disposable, individually packaged for one-time use minimizing cross-contamination
  • Clean/Dirty tab feature prevents re-use of the device
  • Ensures guideline compliance

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