Scopevalet I.q. Unit 4 In 1 - Instrument & Scope Reprocessing

ScopeValet™ I.Q. Unit 4 in 1

Instrument & Scope Reprocessing

Medical Devices

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Item # 345SV41

The ScopeValet™ I.Q. 4 in 1 is a comprehensive flexible endoscope cleaning system that dramatically improves the speed of endoscope reprocessing while providing a step-by-step cleaning sequence for process management, cycle validation and reporting.

The 4 in 1 provides:

Automated scope inflation for LEAK TESTING,


Automated CHANNEL FLUSHING FOR THE MAIN flush port, and



  • Leak Testing - The built in leak tester replaces obsolete countertop or hand held models that have no internal memory or error reporting which are essential to scope cleaning and test process management. Should the leak test procedure be omitted by the cleaning technician the system records the event and displays the missed step in the process and will display an "error" alert. The duration of the leak test is also recorded.
  • Detergent Dosing - "Smart" detergent pump flow meter monitors and controls the precise amount of detergent into the sink. An alarm will alert the technician any time the chemical supply is low or in the event of a failure of the detergent pump or pump tube. ScopeValet™ I.Q. will record the chemical usage to assist with cost control and process validation.
  • Channel Flushing - "Smart" flow meters monitor and control the flow of the flush water into the scope channels. This insures that the internal channels of the scope are flushed and rinsed to the desired level of "clean" each and every cycle with no guess work. Flush and rinse alarms will sound when water is not flowing at the calibrated flow rate. This will allow the scope tech to correct the issue and repeat the cleaning step where the error occurred and continue the cleaning process. These errors will be recorded by the system for supervisor inspection and process quality management.
  • Reports and Software - Each procedure is monitored and recorded for supervisor inspection and process quality management. Records for each procedure are stored according to the scope (identified by serial number and/or model number) and the cleaning technician (designated by name and/or I.D. number). The USB port allows you to download your results to a software tracking system on your PC to document that each step was performed without errors.

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