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Item # 345FSH

Anti-Fog Face Shield

Ruhof Face Shields are designed to give your face and eyes protection against accidental exposure from splattering or splashing of hazardous or infectious substances. The lightweight plastic shield with an anti-fog coating provides continuous, clear visibility and can be worn comfortably with surgical face masks, eye glasses or safety goggles. Ruhof Face Shield's elastic strap and foam cushion offer a snug fit while the chin length guard allows cool air flow to the face to provide extra comfort for extended wear. Perfect for all medical, dental and emergency medical healthcare workers. Non-medical face shield uses can be for non-impact protection such as keeping paint, dust, dirt and oil off your face and eye glasses.

More Information

  • Protects face and eyes
  • Crystal clear plastic with Anti-Fog coating for better visibility
  • Contoured foam for better fit and comfort
  • Disposable
  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Can be worn with Surgical Face Masks, Eye Glasses or Safety Goggles
  • Latex-Free

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