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Item # 34562

Powdered Dual Enzymatic Cleaner

Removes protein, blood, mucus, feces, albumin, organic stain and agar, from all surgical
instruments, flexible fiberoptical tubing, glassware and plastics.

Flexible Endoscopes and Accessories

  • Safely removes all blood, mucus, feces and protein from outer sheath and inside channels of all flexible scopes including gastroscopes, bronchoscopes, colonoscopes and duodenoscopes.
  • Removes any clogs and prevents crystallization inside the channels of the scopes without abrasion or perforation.
  • Removes all debris from cable accessories which include the biopsy forceps and graspers.
  • Will not damage seals or rings. Excellent on all rigid scopes including laparoscopes, arthroscopes and cystoscopes. 
  • Excellent for use in ultrasonic washers.

Surgical Instruments

  • Removes blood, protein and mucus on specialized and fragile surgical instrumentation that resist normal cleaning processes.
  • Especially recommended on cardiovascular, neuro and orthopedic instruments.
  • Decreases time in cleaning cannulated instruments such as suction tips, Richards hipset instrumentation, vascular clamps and pickups, while removing dried blood and tissue without damage from brisk scrubbing.
  • Prevents corrosion on stainless steel and carbon steel instruments - prone to corrosion, by removing all organic contaminants.
  • Removes microscopic organic particles from cataract knives, keratomes, knife needles, and various sharp eye detectors particularly susceptible to corrosion.

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