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Item # 34555

Instrument Lubricant and Rust Inhibitor for Use in All Washers

Prohibits Rusting, Staining and Spotting on All Stainless Steel Instruments While Adding a Protective Coating to Prevent Corrosion

Premixslip® AW Clear is a non-oiled based surgical instrument lubricant designed for use in automatic washers. Premixslip® AW Clear forms a protective barrier that prevents rust, stains and spotting while restoring articulation to sticky box-locks and joints greatly reducing repair and replacement costs. Routine use of Premixslip® AW Clear assures smooth action of multifaceted items such as rongeurs, retractors, laparoscopic instruments and stapling devices.

Premixslip® AW Clear’s water soluble formulation is silicone free, mineral oil free, non-sticky, non-toxic, and can withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving without becoming gummy.


  • Perfect for use in all washers
  • Prevents rust, spots, stains and corrosion thus prolonging the life of the instrument.
  • Prevents damage due to misuse of stiff or grinding instruments reducing repair and replacement costs.
  • Steam penetrable, steam sterilizable and ETO sterilizable.
  • Non-oily, non-sticky and non-toxic; Free of silicone and mineral oil.

Directions for Use

Automatic Cleaning Devices:

  1. Calibrate the washer dilution at 5/8 ounce per one (1) gallon (5ml/liter) of water.

For Immersion Applications:

  1. Dip previously cleaned instruments into Premixslip® AW Clear solution.
  2. Remove instruments and let drain about 30 seconds.
  3. For exceptionally stiff instruments:
    • Place single opened instrument in solution for 5 minutes.
    • Actively open and shut clamp or scissors in solution for 30 seconds.
    • Proceed as directed.
  4. Drained instruments are ready for preparation and terminal sterilization. Do not rinse, wipe or dry.
  5. Always cover Premixslip® AW Clear solution when not in use.

Cautions: Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Do not swallow. Keep away from children.

Safety Data Sheet

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