Item # 345OSP

Endozime SLR Sponges are custom made to contour the outside sheath of a scope to remove synthetic lipids and gross contaminants prior to enzymatic presoak.

Each sponge is saturated in Ruhof's Multi-Tiered-Endozime SLR which is synergistically designed to remove synthetic lipids, such as those found in prescription weight loss medication and fat-free foods, as well as silicone, petroleum jellies and other oily substances used in hospitals.


  • Uniquely fitted for all scopes: flexible/rigid.
  • Highly saturated with Endozime SLR.
  • Removes gross contaminants and synthetic lipids.
  • Begins cleaning on contact, preventing bioburden from drying on scope surface.
  • Each sponge is individually packaged for one time use, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Eliminates biological odors on contact.
  • Safe for use on all scopes (flexible/rigid) and instruments.
  • Will not harm any metals, plastic, rubber, corrugated tubing, glass or mirrors.
  • Neutral pH, non-abrasive and free-rinsing.

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