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Item # 345VBL

ScopeValet™ Dual-End Channel/Valve Brush is a non-sterile, one-time use, double ended channel cleaning brush/valve brush combination. This design enables the user to clean both the inside channel of an endoscope and also remove debris from the valve openings and dials of the control head of flexible scopes, making cleaning more efficient.


  • Superior brush head size and density for maximum channel surface contact, effective scrubbing action and enhanced cleaning power
  • Premium catheter stiffness provides maximum push ability and smooth scope passage
  • Valve brush has ergonomic and textured non-slip handle for maintaining grip in a wet or soapy environment while extended length facilitates brushing of biopsy port
  • For cleaning channel sizes 2mm - 4mm; The Valve/Channel brush diameter is 10/5mm while the Valve/Channel brush length is 35/20mm; working length is 240cm
  • Channel brush has rounded tip which helps to prevent damage to the inside channels of scopes
  • Disposable, one-time use

Directions for Use

  1. Channel cleaning brush: After opening brush, immediately inspect the brush head for any loose or missing bristles. Also, observe the catheter of the brush to ensure that there are no cuts, kinks, or other potential issues which could compromise the catheter strength.

    Using the Ruhof enzymatic detergent of choice, advance the cleaning brush through the entire length of the endoscope before reversing direction. Reversing direction inside the endoscope could cause the brush to expand, which could potentially damage the endoscope.

    Again using a Ruhof enzymatic detergent, pass the channel cleaning brush through the valve stem openings.

  2. Valve brush: Remove valve(s) from the control head of the endoscope. Using the Ruhof enzymatic detergent of choice, use the brush to gently cleanse the valve openings. Avoid twisting or torqueing the brush handle. Again using a Ruhof detergent, clean control head and control head dials.

Warnings & Precautions

  • The cleaning brush should never be used as a cytology brush.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the care and cleaning of individual endoscope channels must be reviewed prior to the use of any cleaning brush.
  • Dispose of the cleaning brush after initial use. The mechanical attachment of the brush(es) to the plastic sheath cannot be guaranteed to be reliable or secure following initial use.
  • If sharp bends in the plastic sheath or wire cable are observed during insertion of the brush, the brush should be disposed to avoid causing damage to the endoscope’s operating channels.
  • NEVER TRANSFER a used cleaning brush from one endoscope to another endoscope, since cross contamination could occur and result in patient complications. Disposable cleaning brushes are designed to safely remove debris, some of which can be retained in the bristle structure.
  • Ruhof Healthcare did not design this device to be reprocessed or reused, and therefore cannot verify that reprocessing can clean and/or sterilize or maintain the structural integrity of the device to ensure patient and/or user safety.
  • These products are intended for single patient use only. Any institution, practitioner, or third party who reprocesses, refurbishes, remanufactures, resterilizes, and /or reuses these disposable devices must bear full responsibility for their safety and effectiveness.

Product Disposal

After use, this product may be a potential biohazard. Handle and dispose of in accordance with accepted medical practice and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


If the channel(s) are known to be occluded or resistance is met in attempting to pass the brush through the endoscope, DO NOT FORCE the cleaning brush through the endoscope, as this may result in damage to the channel.

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