ScopeValet™ Double Ended Hybrid Instrusponge™

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Item # 345HY2 - 2mm Sponge Size
Item # 345HY3 - 3mm Sponge Size

ScopeValet™ Double Ended Hybrid Instrusponge™ is a non-sterile, one-time use double ended cleaning brush/enzymatic foam tip combination designed to clean the internal channels of Endoscopes and Instruments. The ScopeValet™ Double Ended Hybrid Instrusponge® provides both mechanical scrubbing of scope channels to safely remove debris and delivery of enzymatic detergent through these channels for improved cleaning.


  • Foam tip is impregnated with Endozime® Bio-Clean enzymatic detergent which targets insoluble polysaccharides allowing for the complete elimination of all bioburden and biofilm by high level disinfectants or liquid chemical sterilants
  • Premium catheter stiffness provides maximum push ability and smooth scope passage
  • Double-end provides pull through design, ensuring maximum channel coverage
  • Channel brush has rounded tip which helps to prevent damage to the inside channels of scopes
  • Available in three sizes for scopes and instruments with channel sizes of 2mm – 2.2mm, 2.8mm – 3.2mm and 3.8mm – 4.2mm

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