ATP Test® Swab 2

Cleaning Verification

Cleaning Verification

Item # 345US2

ATP 2 Test® Swab
For use with All Ruhof ATP Complete® Luminometers


Verify Cleanliness and Measure Microbial Contamination on any Surface in only 15 Seconds!

ATP 2 Test® Swab provides a rapid, simple, and reliable way to verify cleanliness and measure contamination on the surface of surgical instruments, scopes, washer-disinfectors, examination rooms, operating rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms – anywhere that can harbor possible contaminants.


The Ruhof ATP Complete® Contamination Monitoring System detects Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells. Product residues, particularly blood and bioburden, contain large amounts of ATP.  After cleaning, all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced.

When ATP is picked up by the tip of the ATP 2 Test® Swab and brought into contact with the unique, liquid stable luciferase/luciferin reagent in the ATP 2 Test® Swab tube, light is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present. The ATP 2 Test® Swab is then placed in the ATP Complete® hand held unit where it measures the amount of Relative Light Units (RLU) generated and displays the level of contamination present in just 15 seconds. The ATP Complete will detect 1/100,000th dilution of fresh blood, i.e. 0.2mg protein per swab.

The hand held unit can then be synced to a PC where the reading is down-loaded to an easy-to-use database management software for tracking the results. The software program can be used to run comparison charts and produce color trend analysis graphs and reports.


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