Item No. 345AWV

The device is intended, as part of the pre-cleaning process, to help clean the air/water channel of Olympus® GI endoscopes post procedure.


  • Individually packaged
  • Disposable, one-time use to prevent cross contamination
  • Eliminates the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing reusable cleaning adapters
  • Helps create consistent practices; Reduces the potential for errors
  • For use with Olympus® GI Endoscopes (EXCLUDING Olympus® echo-endoscopes that utilize a balloon channel)


  • These devices are intended to be used with Olympus® GI Endoscopes **EXCLUDING Olympus® echoendoscopes that utilize a balloon channel**
  • Do Not Use the Air/Water Cleaning Adapter during patient procedures. Continuous air flow could cause patient injury.
  • Endoscopic cleaning procedures should only be performed by persons having adequate training with endoscope cleaning techniques.
  • Do not attempt to reuse, reprocess, refurbish, re-manufacture or re-sterilize this device. This device is not intended to be reused, reprocessed, refurbished, re-manufactured, or re-sterilized. Performing such activities on this disposable medical device presents a safety risk to patients (i.e.. compromised device integrity, cross contamination, infection).

Technical Info