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A.C.T.S.®AutoClave Treatment System

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 Item # 34501

Autoclave rust and scale remover.

A.C.T.S. will remove all rust, spots, and stains, as well as scale, alkaline and mineral deposits on inside walls of autoclaves and from stainless steel carts and trays. It simultaneously eliminates all noxious and unpleasant odors. ACTS is free rinsing and leaves no residue. Non-aerosol pump is environmentally friendly.

Restores Original Finish to Autoclaves, Stainless Steel Carts and Trays. 

  • Mild acidic solution removes rust, stains, and spotting
  • Removes scale, alkaline, and mineral deposits
  • Restores original finish
  • Non-corrosive; will not harm stainless steel
  • Keep carts and trays looking new
  • No more noxious odors from walls of autoclave

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