Ruhof Orthopedic and Dental Cement Remover

Ruhof Orthopedic and Dental Cement Remover

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Item No. 54314

Safely removes cement and sculpting cement from surgical and dental instruments. Protects instruments from harmful scraping and chipping.


Ruhof’s Bone Cement Remover safely removes cement, sculpting cement, plaster and stone from the surface of surgical and dental instruments. Ruhof’s Bone Cement Remover eliminates the need to use metal tools to scrape and chip away cement which can scratch instruments’ surfaces. These micro-scratches impede the cleaning and sterilizing of instruments and also create a breeding ground for bacteria. This product is great for use on orthopedic implants, such as total joint replacement sets, as well as dental tools.


  • No more chipping or scraping away at dried bone cement
  •  Less time-consuming for faster turn-around time
  •  Safely remove cement without scratching or damaging instruments
  •  Great for removing plaster and stone from bridges, crowns, denture inlays, metal impression trays, spatulas, and more

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