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ScopeValet™ ENDOSCOPY KITS provide a safe and efficient way for you to prepare, begin and perform the reprocessing procedure. ScopeValet™ Procedure Kits provide you with all the necessary supplies you need for every case in one convenient package. ScopeValet™ Procedure Kits are available in four different pre-packed assortments which provide the essential items required for each of the various procedures. Each package is labeled and color-coded to easily identify its contents and the procedure for which it is intended to be used.

Compliance Kit

Item No. 345SVC


  • Ruhof Transport Bag
  • Ruhof ECO-Bedside Kit
  • Lubricant Jelly, 2 oz.
  • 16 ply 4"x4" Gauze Pad (10)
  • Cleaning Brush for 2mm - 4mm

Colonoscopy & EGD Kit

Item No. 345SVR


  • Ruhof Transport Bag
  • Ruhof ECO-Bedside Kit
  • Emesis Basin
  • Suction Tubing, 6ft.
  • Lubricant Jelly, 2 oz
  • 16 ply 4"x4" Gauze Pad (10)

Clean and Transport Kit

Product Code: 345EPOSV

ScopeValet Clean and Transport Kit helps Endoscopy Professionals perform bedside cleaning as well as safe and efficient scope transportation. All in one, easy to use, affordable package.


  • Ruhof Transport Bag
  • Ruhof Phase One Endoscopy Bedside Care Kit with Bioclean Technology

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