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Item No. 34532

Premium non-enzymatic detergent designed for use in all washers, washer sterilizers, ultrasonics and for manual cleaning


Liquiclean AW® is a neutral pH premium detergent with powerful sequestering and emulsifying agents that assure complete cleanliness of surgical instruments, laboratory glassware, plastics, and rubber tubing. Liquiclean AW® is extremely fast acting, maintains high detergency and works in all water conditions-hard, soft, cold or hot. Liquiclean AW®‘s free rinsing, non-enzymatic formulation makes it ideal for use on ophthalmic instruments.


  • Free rinsing, non-enzymatic formulation makes it an excellent choice for use on ophthalmic and other instruments where a non-enzymatic detergent is recommended
  • Removes protein, blood, tissue, fat and any organic soils by automatic washers or manual cleaning
  • Powerful emulsifying action
  • For use on all surgical instruments, plastics, glassware and rubber tubing
  • Fast wetting, odorless, non-sudsing, maintains high detergency and exceptional cleaning in hard, soft, cold or hot water
  • Biodegradable; contains no phosphates or NTA

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