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Product Code: 345TBC

The ScopeValet™ EndoTote™ is a safe and easy way to transport an endoscope from the procedure room to the reprocessing room after the endoscopy. Simply fold the sides of EndoTote™ and gather the reinforced handles to convert from a surface pad to an endoscope transport container. The disposable bag’s Velcro closure system and tamper proof “zip-tie” tag ensures staff safety by securely keeping the soiled scope enclosed during transfer.


- Easy set up before procedures providing full surface coverage for large and small cart surfaces; 43" x 34 9/16" (109 cm x 88 cm) bag size with 16 9/16" (42 cm) wide inner pad

- A strong leak-proof liner and absorbent inner pad which keep bio-hazard fluid contained and protects your endoscope from being damaged during transportation

-Ample bag size accommodates all endoscopes and keeps them safe from being impaired when the flexible shafts are coiled too tightly

-A red tamper-proof, disposable tag easily secures bag tightly; it features a unique serial number for traceability, simplifying transportation and assisting with cleaning room organization

-Conforms to all endoscopic disinfection guidelines including the regulations that endoscopes be protected from the environment, be fully traceable and be kept moist after pre-cleaning endoscope

-Disposable, one-time use

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