Item # 345IF

Independent Flushing System for Effective Channel/Lumen Pre-Cleaning & Flushing

Ruhof InstruFlush™ is an effective instrument and scope channel/lumen pre-cleaning and flushing device which increases the productivity of syringe flushing by 74.9%. The InstruFlush™ provides a pulse feature for hard-to-dislodge soils and works very well with low-foaming enzymatic chemistries, detergents and alcohols. The pump can be used with or without the Ruhof InstruStation™.


  • Consistently meets ANSI/AAMI ST79: 2010 recommendations for cleaning, flushing and rinsing
  • Offers components (measurements on reservoirs and in sink; sink thermometers) that facilitate compliance to cleaning solution and medical device manufacturers’ IFU
  • Flushes water, cleaning solution, or alcohol
  • Can be used with or without the Ruhof InstruStation™
  • Can dispense up to 1.2 liters of cleaning solution in ONE MINUTE
  • Has an Impact Cycle wherein pressure and suction attack soil from both ends
  • Automatically flushes 500cc of fluid in 30 seconds while three speeds allow volume adjustments; assures flushing consistency
  • Enables up to three pumps in use at one time for optimized capacity and productivity (Three pumps can flush all lumens in a complex or robotic tray all at once, in one minute)
  • Integrated pressure relief protects scopes
  • Includes accessories to adapt to existing stainless steel sinks, walls or counters
  • Greatly reduces risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Frees up technician to perform other tasks

Directions for Use

  1. Follow all IFU from cleaning chemistry and medical device manufacturers.
  2. Fill reservoir with fluid (sterile water, cleaning solution or alcohol) to appropriate marked lines (250cc or other amount).
  3. Attach cannula/lumens to pump hose connector and place second hose into the reservoir.
  4. Push power button. Pump will automatically flush with no hands-on assistance until reservoir is empty (approximately 30 seconds).

Technical Info