DoseValet™ Pro

Item No. 07DVP

Hands-Free Automated Detergent Dosing System

The DoseValet™ Pro is a simple, easy-to-use dosing system that delivers precise amounts of detergent into the sink, eliminating the variability of bottle mounted pumps. It includes a hands-free motion sensor system and built-in programmable settings, allowing users to set dosing parameters that will meet specific conditions for removing soil at various sink levels for achieving optimum cleaning results.


- Android App-Controlled
- Programmable A/B Chemical Dosing
- Real-Time Dosing Validation
- Reliable Peristaltic Pump
- Push-Button Priming
- Encoder Reader
- Hands-Free IR Motion Sensor System
- Programmable Temperature Range and Sensoring
- IoT Device (Bluetooth)


Technical Info