ATP Complete® 2 Hand Held Device

Cleaning Verification

Item No. 345ATP2

Verify Cleanliness and Measure Contamination on any Scope, Cannulated Instrument or Surface in 15 Seconds!


The Ruhof ATP Complete® 2 System is a quick, easy to use and reliable method to check for cleaning adequacy in healthcare facilities. ATP Complete® 2 can be used throughout your healthcare facility where rapid detection of contamination is crucial. In just 15 seconds ATP Complete® 2 verifies the efficacy of cleaning protocols on all non-critical surfaces, surgical instruments, and endoscopes.

ATP Complete® 2 Contamination Monitoring System detects Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the universal energy molecule present in the cells of all living organisms. Following a surgical or endoscopic procedure, clinical residue can accumulate on instruments potentially impeding sterilization effectiveness.  After hospital staff completes proper cleaning as per instrument/device IFU, all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced.

When ATP is picked up by the tip of the ATP 2 Test® Swab and brought into contact with the unique, liquid stable luciferase/luciferin reagent in the ATP 2 Test® Swab tube, light is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present. The ATP 2 Test® Swab is then inserted into the ATP Complete® 2 System with a photonic sensor to measure contamination as bioluminescent light. Results are displayed as an RLU (Relative Light Unit) value on the handheld device within 15 seconds.


  • Smart Handheld Mobile Platform for portability throughout the facility
  • 5-inch Touch Screen for easy operability of the device with gloves
  • Cloud Based User Friendly Interface is easy to navigate via Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Offline Mode works with no internet connection; Data auto syncs to the ATP Complete 2 web portal once Wi-Fi becomes available
  • RFID & Barcode Scanners - RFID tags and barcodes on equipment can be scanned and assigned to Test Points. Once assigned, the RFID /barcode can be scanned directly to initiate the test
  • Infinite Users and Test Points
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Quick Test - User can test any surface instantly without needing to program the test point first
  • Multi Language Support - Users can choose between English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese for ease of understanding
  • Customized RLU Ranges - User can specify RLU ranges for different test methods via the web portal dashboard
  • Assigned Daily Test Schedules can be programmed from the dashboard
  • Reporting - Supervisors can log into the web portal to view and filter the data collected by the technician
  • Remote Support can be accessed from a built-in support feature