Dosevalet Autofill - Instrument & Scope Reprocessing

Item No. 345DVPA

Precise Sink Management System with the touch of a button

The DoseValet™ Autofill is a major advancement in the manual instrument
cleaning process. With the press of its start button, DoseValet™ Autofill
automatically fills the instrument sink, tub or basin with the precise amount of
instrument cleaning detergent and water to the correct working level. The large
LCD display provides real time alarms for solution temperature, dosing
amounts, out of chemical status and sink activity. The DoseValet™ Autofill
includes soak timer, which allow users to set a specific amount of time for the
medical instruments to soak before the final cleaning and rinsing stage. The
unit also includes a USB port for downloading management reports.

• Automatic sink filling/detergent dosing
• Smart water/detergent blending technology conserves water and
assures concentration of the instrument cleaning solution is precise
• Selectable chemical dilution factors and bath volumes
• Optional backflow preventer
• Locking, waterproof stainless steel cabinet
• Reduced cleaning labor as detergent solutions are always at the proper
concentration; one touch automatic filling allows cleaning technicians to
perform other tasks
• Management reports allow managers to monitor how frequently
detergent solutions are changed
• Eliminates manual detergent dosing
• Water tempering valve controls cleaning solution to desired temperature

Technical Info