ATP Complete® Handheld

The Ruhof ATP Complete® System is a quick, easy to use and reliable method to check for microbial contamination. ATP Complete® can be used throughout your healthcare facility where rapid detection of contamination is crucial. In just 15 seconds ATP Complete® verifies the efficacy of cleaning protocols on all non-critical surfaces, surgical instruments, and endoscopes.

The Ruhof ATP Complete® Contamination Monitoring System detects Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule found in all human, animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells. Product residues, particularly blood and bioburden, contain large amounts of ATP. Microbial contamination contains ATP, but in smaller amounts. After cleaning, all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced.

Hand Held Tech Sheet

Test® Swab

Test® Swab provides a rapid, simple, and reliable way to verify cleanliness and measure microbial contamination on the surface of surgical instruments, scopes, washer-disinfectors, examination rooms, operating rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms – anywhere that can harbor possible contaminants.

  • All-in-one, single-use sampling device
  • 15-month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (36°F to 47°F) (2C to 8C)
  • 4-week shelf life at room temperatures (70°F) (21C)
  • Unique liquid-stable reagent
  • Tolerant to temperature abuse and sanitizers

Test Swab Tech Sheet

Test® Instrusponge

Test® InstruSponge™ is an absorbent swab on a flexible wand that allows for easy maneuvering through complex internal channels of scopes and cannulated instruments to verify the presence of contaminants left after cleaning. Test® InstruSponge™ is clinically clean, individually packaged for single use, and comes in various sizes to meet the diameter opening of your scope channel or instrument cannula ranging from 1mm – 5mm.

  • Convenient, single-use sampling device
  • Absorbent swab tip on 240cm flexible wand

Instrusponge Tech Sheet

ATP Complete®

Cleaning Verification System

For the cleaning verification of surgical instruments, endoscopes, surfaces, and the monitoring of hand hygiene protocol

Ruhof’s ATP Complete® Cleaning Verification System is a tool used to:

  • Instantly assess, continually monitor, and improve the cleanliness of endoscopes, cannulated instruments, healthcare facility surfaces, and hands.
  • Enhance instrumentation and environmental cleaning programs which help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses that are associated with healthcare environment related infections
  • Provide a permanent record of cleanliness monitoring, which can be used for quality assurance purposes
  • Record and track test results to identify problem areas, make improvements, and show due diligence to auditors and compliance with regulations
  • Improve and enhance the training of Sterile Services Managers, O.R. Managers, GI Managers, Infection Control Teams, Environmental Service Professionals, Engineers and other personnel on proper cleaning technique
  • Document and track individual and overall cleaning performance
  • Ensure staff members are following hand hygiene protocol
  • Reduce or eliminate variation cleaning performance by standardizing acceptable cleaning levels
  • Reduce the use of conventional microbiological testing methods that are slow, labor intensive, and costly
  • Ensure patient/staff safety and increase patient satisfaction

By using Ruhof’s ATP Complete® Cleaning Verification System, healthcare facilities are able to create a standard by which to measure cleaning effectiveness.

Ruhof ATP Complete® Cleaning Verification System Consists of Four Parts

1. ATP Complete® Luminometer: a user-friendly, handheld, light-reading unit that provides precise, on-site test results. Used with the Test Swab and Test InstruSponge testing devices, extremely low levels of ATP contamination can be detected in just 15 seconds.
2. Test Swab: a convenient, easy to use, surface ATP test device. Simply swab, snap, and squeeze, and the test is ready to be measured in the ATP Complete®.
3. Test InstruSponge: an absorbent test swab on a flexible wand, used in conjunction with the ATP Complete®, that allows for easy maneuvering through complex internal channels of scopes and cannulated instruments to verify the presence of contaminants left after cleaning.
4. Software: a powerful software program that allows users to upload test results to a database, analyze trends and generate reports for management and record-keeping.

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