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ScopeValet™ Endoscopic Bite Blocks
ScopeValet™ Endoscopic Bite Blocks
ScopeValet™ Endoscopic Bite Blocks

ScopeValet™ Endoscopic Bite Blocks

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ScopeValet™ ENDOSCOPIC BITE BLOCKS ensure that the mouth of the patient remains open during endoscopic procedures. They also provide protection for the patient’s teeth as well as the endoscope equipment inserted into the mouth.


  • Disposable, one time use
  • Adult and pediatric sizes with elastic cloth strap
  • Latex free
  • Flexible design which fits comfortably in the patient’s mouth
  • Large side ports to allow for scope repositioning and suction access

Instructions for Use

  • Attach one side of the strap to the bite block—by threading the cleat through the hole in the strap—before placing the bite block into the patient’s mouth.
  • Place the bite block into the patient’s mouth. Pass the strap around the patient’s neck and attach it again to the other side of the bite block.

Warnings & Precautions:

  • When placing the bite block in the patient’s mouth, care should be exercised to avoid placing fingers between the bite block and the patient’s teeth.
  • Flexible endoscopy procedures should only be performed by persons having adequate training and familiarity with endoscopic techniques. Consult the medical literature relative to techniques, complications and hazards prior to the performance of an endoscopic procedure.
  • Ruhof Healthcare did not design this device to be reprocessed or reused, and therefore cannot verify that reprocessing can clean and /or sterilize or maintain the structural integrity of the device to ensure patient and/or user safety.
  • The bite block is intended for single patient use only. Any institution, practitioner, or third party who reprocesses, refurbishes, remanufactures, resterilizes, and /or reuses this disposable device must bear full responsibility for its safety and effectiveness.


This device is for single use only. The reuse of single use devices might present risks to the safety of the user or patient, due to possible uncontrolled contamination and/or unreliability of the device performance.

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